Mental Health
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Prevention/Intervention and Education
Youth and Adolescent School-Based Services

New Concepts believes that healthy children and youth have an increased chance of achieving academic, social, and personal success. With this in mind, we have developed a school-based program that provides a variety of comprehensive, person-centered behavioral health services to school-age children experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

New Concepts has collaborated with Toledo Public Schools to provide on-site services and real-time interventions that assist students in overcoming mental health barriers to learning within the least restrictive, most natural environment. Our daily involvement in one of the most consistent aspects of our program participants' lives allows us to address and assist them in processing common in-school issues such as stress, anxiety, bullying, family problems, depression, learning disabilities, PTSD, ADD, and ADHD, amongst other things.

Our team of on-site counselors, case managers, and supervisors have developed strong working relationships with the teachers, counselors, principals, and other school administrators, as well as the parents and/or guardians of program participants, to ensure a collaborative approach toward providing the best and most appropriate services and resources to our program participants.

To ensure that there is no lapse in care, services are also provided after school hours, during school holidays and breaks, and throughout the summer. This allows us to work with program participants year-round, drastically increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes such as behavioral modification, increased test scoring, grade improvements, and the overall growth and development of persons served.